My Lady’s Treasure was a thoroughly splendid read: engrossing, rich in detail and wonderfully witty! Author Catherine Kean writes with a beautiful, lyrical style that is a rare find in today's modern carbon-copy literature.  Kean has brought back the beauty of the written word!  Filled with lively characters, a strong, suspenseful plot and a myriad of romantic scenes My Lady’s Treasure is a powerful, poignant tale that will keep readers





What reviewers are saying about My Lady’s Treasure:


4-1/2 stars — ”Fantastic—keeper”
“Kean brings medieval England to romantic life in a story that's both
heartwarming and suspenseful. With a little bit of comedy, a couple you
can root for and bad guys you love to hate, this really is a story you
can sink your teeth into.”

Lisa Kelly, Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine


5 stars — “An enthralling medieval romance”
Harriet Klausner, Reviewer

5 blue ribbons — “Captivating from the very beginning”

My Lady’s Treasure is one book historical romance fans are sure to love.
This storyline is captivating from the very beginning and contains as much
of a playful overtone as it does a serious one . . . Ms. Kean’s books leave
readers with a good feeling about what they’ve read and looking forward
to each of her new releases.”

Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

Overall Rating 9/10 — “A feast for any medieval fan”

“A multi-dimensional story; My Lady’s Treasure introduces two tormented
souls who find the peace and love denied them by others.  An
amazing journey to acceptance and contentment . . . The quest for the
treasure; fighting treachery at every turn, is fast paced, well plotted,
with a climactic ending. A feast for any medieval fan;
My Lady’s Treasure
is well worth the time, and is sure to be a book you will want to revisit.”

Lettetia, Historical Romance Writers

5 stars — “A highly recommended read”






turning pages until the very end.  I highly recommend that readers who love a good historical romance pick up a copy of My Lady’s Treasure today.”
Janean Nusz, freelance reviewer and author

5 stars — “A medieval to treasure!”
My Lady’s Treasure blends the beauty and pageantry of the medieval period together with Arthurian legend and mystery to form an intense and sensual romance.  It is masterfully written and researched with characters of depth.”
Beverly, Beverly Romance Books


5 stars —  “Outstanding writing and plot in adventure medieval”
My Lady’s Treasure is another romantic medieval adventure story from an accomplished author who recently debuted on the historical romance scene with the exciting Dance of Desire followed by the outstanding A Knight’s Vengeance.  Kean not only does extensive research, steeping her novels with an abundance of historical flavor, but creates highly intelligent and exciting heroes and heroines that make you care as well as take your breath away . . . Bottom line, you will not want to put this splendid book down and will likely devour it in one sitting - just as I did!”
Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

5 stars — “Fabulous!” 
“An excellent tale which surrounds one of my favorite legends and set within the days of yore . . . I consider this story to be my treasure and it will go directly to my Keeper Shelf. Filled with drama, betrayals, romance, suspense, and mystery, this adventure will remain in your mind long after you finish reading the last page.”

Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


4-1/2 hearts — “A delightfully stirring tale”
“Full of intricate details, a mysterious hero and a determined heroine, Ms. Kean delivers a stirring tale that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat at the many twists and turns within the pages.  Her characters literally leap off the pages at the reader when they are first introduced and gallop full speed as Brant and Faye race to solve the secret of the chalice and save a child.  Ms. Kean writes with much wit and prose and delivers a winning combination within My Lady’s Treasure!”

Dawn, Love Romances and More


4.5 out of 5  — “Catherine Kean has done it again”
“Catherine Kean has done it once again.  My Lady’s Treasure has twists and turns and keeps the reader guessing continually.  The forbidden tension between Faye and Brant rivals a tremendous love and adds the sizzle the story needs for every romantic.  What more could you want in a story – sizzle, intrigue, joy, anger, all stirred together with imaginative scenes and characters.”
Lori Graham, Once Upon a Romance

4 roses — “Everything a good medieval romance should be” 

“Once again, Catherine Kean wows lovers of historical romance with her latest medieval love story, My Lady’s Treasure.  Featuring an intelligent, brave and resourceful heroine and a valiant, honorable hero, My Lady’s Treasure is everything a good medieval romance should be . . . When you pick up My Lady’s Treasure, or for that matter any of her previous medieval romances, get ready to be transported back into the past and into a love story you won't soon be able to forget. I highly, highly recommend her.”

Nancy Davis, Romance Reader at Heart

4 cups — “A magnificent, adventurous and dangerous ride through the Middle Ages”
“Catherine Kean’s latest novel satisfies the romantic soul.  The alluring characters easily captivate and charm the reader.  As the electrifying storyline unfolds, it takes on a fantastic mysterious air.  The provocative twists in plot keep you constantly guessing until the very end.  All the while, the classic chivalrous romance continues to entrance.  My Lady’s Treasure is not your typical romance novel, but also a magnificent adventurous and dangerous ride through the Middle Ages.”

Bonnie, Coffee Time Romance

“A classic tale”
“Kean's medieval adventure is a classic tale of love, lore, and intrigue with just the right amount of humor to balance a dark plot.”
Nina Davis, Booklist


“A splendid amount of passion and fierceness”

“My Lady’s Treasure by Catherine Kean has passionate prose and cunning conflicts that will greatly please readers of dark, dazzling and dramatic medieval romances.  Love the friction (and reluctant attraction) between two strong-willed protagonists?  Adore well-staged battles of wits versus words? Then Kean’s lush, lyrical romance will thrill you all the more. . . My Lady’s Treasure glitters with a splendid amount of passion and fierceness.  Catherine Kean is a grand storytelling talent, and as such, has a winning way about her vivid, impassioned writing that is oh-so striking.”

Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews

My Lady’s Treasure is a murder mystery and treasure hunt within a love story set in Medieval England. The abduction of Angelina, Brant’s guilt over his brother, and Faye trying to sort through the lies surrounding her creates a tense story.  Author Catherine Kean is adept at slight of hand and makes you believe just what she wants until she changes the dynamics . . . If you enjoy stories that twist a genre inside out or just like historical romance, read “My Lady’s Treasure.”
Robin Lee, Romance Reviews Today

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