Reviews for A Knight’s Vengeance:


“Kean (Dance of Desire) delivers rich local color and sparkling
romantic tension in this fast-paced medieval revenge plot.”

Publisher’s Weekly


5 stars!—“A well-written medieval romance”

Harriet Klausner, #1 Reviewer


5 stars!—”Fabulous! . . . One of the best historical romances
of the year!”

Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


5 stars!—”Enthralling Medieval Romance” 

“Catherine Kean has created a beautiful, well-written medieval
romance that will entrance you from beginning to end . . . This is a
book Medieval Romance fans need to put on their next read list.  I
look forward to many more wonderful stories by Catherine Kean.”
Beverly, Beverly Romance Books


5 Kisses!—”A Keeper” 

“Ms. Kean delivers a medieval romance fraught with passion, treachery,
and a love that cannot be denied. The characters leap off the pages into
your heart. Superbly written, this is one book you won’t be able to put
down from page one until the end . . . Ms. Kean delivers a ‘keeper’ that
you will want to read more than once.”
Cia Leah, Romance Divas

4-1/2 blue ribbons!

Catherine Kean will have readers riveted to the pages of her newest

Christine Dionne, Romance Junkies

Rated 4.8 out of 5—“Excellent” 
A Knight’s Vengeance caught my attention from the first chapter . . . Catherine Kean has a marvelous
way of grabbing one’s heart and interest and keeping you in the game until the very end.”
Lori Graham, Once Upon a Romance

4-1/2 stars!—”Super Medieval from Newer Author”

This was fast paced action read that exhibited a myriad of emotions for the cast including hatred, revenge, lust, passion, and deception from the key players . . . This second book from Catherine Kean demonstrates her sparkling narrative voice and shows us an author who bears watching.”

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO — Reviewers’ International Organization

4-1/2 stars!

“Catherine Kean’s second novel, A Knight’s Vengeance, is a fulfilling story of the quest for truth, and the healing power of love. Elizabeth and Geoffrey are strong and beautifully written characters who bring this tale of revenge and redemption to life.”

Jennifer Begley, Historical Romance Club

4 plugs!—”Excellent”
“A Knight’s Vengeance is a wonderful fast paced historical romance novel.  Catherine Kean brings the characters to life with details, vengeance, and honor.  A Knight’s Vengeance leaves you on the edge of your seat until he very end, trying to figure out who is the villain and who is innocent.  This is a must read for any romance reader.”
Gloria Gehres, The Romance Readers’ Connection

4 Roses!
A Knight’s Vengeance has all the elements that make for an enjoyable medieval romance—sensual love scenes, good characters, excellent writing and dialogue, and a plot and storyline that never lets up and ends in a well thought out plot twist.  If you love reading good medieval romances, then Catherine Kean is one author who belongs on your TBB lists.”
Nancy Davis, Romance Reader at Heart

4 Stars!
Catherine Kean has created yet another medieval masterpiece in A Knight’s Vengeance.  After reading her debut novel, Dance of Desire, I was sure that Kean would quickly become an author of note in the medieval romance genre, and she's proven herself yet again with A Knight’s Vengeance.  With characters that pop, a plot that holds hidden twists and turns, and an authentic medieval setting, Kean's newest novel is sure to delight readers of historical romance.”
Janean Nusz, freelance reviewer and author

4 Hearts! 
This is a fast paced medieval adventure filled with excitement and passion. . . A Knight’s Vengeance is a love story that grows from the desire for revenge.  It brings the era to colorful life through the imagination and detailed descriptions by Catherine Kean.  I highly recommended it for it is sure to be enjoyed by the readers.”
Anita, The Romance Studio

4 Cups!
“Ms. Kean leads you into a fantasy world where you are taken back to the medieval century of handsome knights, daring swordfights, and steamy romance.  Back to a time where honor means everything and vengeance is hard won.  Vividly described, you can almost see a crumbling castle and the knights in armor.  Fast paced action and intriguing dialogue keeps you on the edge of your seat, while the sensual love scenes make you swoon.  This is my first book by Ms. Kean, but certainly will not be the last.”
Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

“Superb medieval romance” 
“Another superbly written novel by an author who’s quickly become a favorite.  Once again, Ms. Kean captures the reader’s attention with all the elements of a must-read. . . Another book for the keeper shelf and I’m eagerly awaiting this author’s next novel promised for 2007!”
Margaret Ohmes, Fresh Fiction

“A wonderfully told story”
“A Knight's Vengeance is a wonderfully told story about a tender love born from the hate of revenge.  Elizabeth and Geoffrey's transition from enemies to lovers is entertaining and passionate.  The end has a thrilling battle and heart-warming closure.  A Knight's Vengeance captivated me with a beautiful and strong heroine, a brave and fearless hero and an exciting, romantic tale!”
Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

“A passionate medieval romance” 
Fraught with friction and an extravagant degree of lusty, combative tension, A Knight’s Vengeance is a passionate medieval romance from emerging new talent, Catherine Kean, that will evoke fond memories of the genre’s golden era: whereupon the protagonists do verbal battle, engage in contentious conflicts, and then fall victim to their passions . . . Kean’s novel is a joyous celebration of what a medieval romance should have in store for readers: passion, peril, and evocative wisps of keen, cutting, slightly feverish conflict.”
Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews

“You will not be disappointed”
“Medieval tales are among my favorite reads, and I am pleased to recommend A Knight's Vengeance to others who favor this genre as well. You will not be disappointed.”
Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

A Knight’s Vengeance

Knight’s Series: Book 1


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