Reviews of A Knight’s Temptation:

5 Stars!—Detra Fitch , Huntress Reviews
I am not a big fan of stories with knights in them, but there are a
handful of authors that are an exception simply because they write the
stories so well that I cannot resist! Author Catherine Kean is one of
those few . . . I could not bring myself to stop reading long enough to
fix dinner (I ordered pizza and kept on reading). Catherine Kean writes
dazzling and unforgettable stories.”


4 Stars!—Keitha Hart, Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine
Kean presents plenty of romance, adventure and action in the third
book of her Knights series. The coming together of an ambitious alpha
male and a heroine who needs little help defending herself is

5 Cups!—Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More
A Knight's Temptation, Book 3 of Knight's series is a powerful story of
how far one man will go to get his dream of knighthood fulfilled . . .
Filled with stunning descriptions, hilarious events, remarkable
emotions, and unforgettable characters, this novel will have you
pleading for more outstanding books from this sensational author!”

5 Stars!—Donna,
Award winning Catherine Kean once again transports her readers to
another time filled with knights, ladies, treachery and pleasure in her
compelling novel,
A Knight’s Temptation.  Her characters, Aldwin and
Leona, demand attention as they joust with their witty dialogue and
passionate embraces. 
A Knight’s Temptation by romance-writing star,
Catherine Kean, is the perfect historical romance.”

Grade: B—Lea Hensley, All About Romance
“. . . the compelling battle of the wills between the leads as well as the
touching revelation of a man worthy of knighthood made for a most
enjoyable read.”

5 Stars!—”A Marvelous Addition to The Saga!  Medieval Magic!”—Marilyn Rondeau,
“This story is terrific and A Knight's Temptation, following A Knight's Vengeance and A Knight's Reward is completely stand-alone.  But for extra pleasure, I highly recommend all three of these fabulous books while anticipating Kean's next Knight book which should continue the same high adventure and fascinating stories she's created in this marvelous de Lanceau saga.  Highly Recommended!”


5 Blue Ribbons!—CinLee, Romance Junkies  New!
Breathtaking storytelling.  Ms. Kean’s fluid pen brings to life the villages and
keeps of Olde England. Aldwin and Leona are a couple to savor and Veronique
is a villain who makes the wicked queens of fairy tales seem tame.”

4 Stars!—Amy,  New!

“If you like the kidnapped heroine who falls for her capture as they journey to their destination, a strong-willed heroine who isn't afraid to fight, a hero who wants honor and respect but doesn't quite go about it in the best of ways, a lot of action, and some stolen heated kisses, then check this book out.”


4 Stars!—Leontine, Realms on Our Bookshelves  New!

A Knight's Temptation was definitely a temptation for me to read on and turned into a one sitting read.
It is a beautiful and tender historical romance story of making mistakes, redeeming yourself and falling in love. . .  Another marvelous entry in her Knight’s series.”

“An exciting, adventurous novel”—Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today  New!
A Knight's Temptation is an exciting, adventurous novel with an admirable heroine and a hero who
valiantly tries to make up for his past mistakes.  The novel is rich in exterior conflict, both in physical
battles and the fight of good against evil. The characterization is well done, and the interior conflicts of
both protagonists add meat to the overall plot.”

“A tale of nonstop action, suspense and blossoming love”—Niki Lee, Joyfully Reviewed
In the third of the Knight’s series, Catherine Kean brings to life a story of chivalry and romance . . .
Aldwin is a wonderful character and Leona is a strong woman.  She doesn’t ever give up on trying to
escape and is clever and resourceful. 
A Knight’s Temptation is a tale of nonstop action, suspense and
blossoming love.”


Rating: 7—Morgan, Novelspot

A Knight’s Temptation should fulfill any romance junkie’s need for a historical romance fix. The heroine is strong. The antagonist is pure evil. And it does come with an appropriate happy ending.”


3-1/2 stars—Lauren Calder, Affaire de Coeur Magazine  New!

“As the tale steadily rolls, the author strategically snags the reader, weaving an artful tapestry of a lip-biting tale and saucy romance.”



A Knight’s Temptation

Knight’s Series: Book 3


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